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The town of Nothing is haunted...

...or so its citizens believe. Sixteen-year-old Nelly Morighan is skeptical of the stories, and for good reason. The locals blame her "cursed" family for all their ghostly woes and do their utmost to make Nelly's life a living hell. But then one night she spots a strange light sneaking through the abandoned house on the farm.

When she investigates, she finds... fairies.

Within hours of this discovery, Nelly's grandmother is catatonic, and the otherworldly trespassers are offering up a cure. But only at a terrible price. It turns out Nelly is a rare find for the fae. And the shocking reason why is buried in a past only the dead can remember.

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Reviewer, Netgalley

"Walters has now become an author (from whom) I will buy instantly because of how good the book was. It's an award worthy book."

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